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It is essential to describe that why you should choose us for your business deals. Well, we are quite different company, propelled for doing fair business, which must be based on integrity and loyalty. Here we provide you a useful range ofNeem Cake Manure & Organic Phosphorus Fertilizer, which is used in agricultural industries. The products, which we offer to you, are made up of the apex quality raw material, which maintains the existing quality of our products. Even the natural organic fertilizer is excellent in its resistance and also useful for the growth of various fields. Today, we are counted among the key Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer Manufacturers & Exporters.

Our products have the capability of enhancing yield & reducing the production cost. These products have passed the stringent Indian and international checks, which are the testimonies of our loyalty, which we maintain in our product line & in business too. Moreover, our products are developed as per the standards and norms. Last but not the least we are popular through out the industry for our quality& high performance products, which are accessible at market leading prices.

Organic Fertilizer

SUFALA Organic Fertilizer (S.O.F.) is a mixture of several essential ingredients like the cake of non-edible oils, Neem, Compost etc organic manure. S.O.F. being an organic fertilizer, if applied at the time of sowing, provides balanced nutrition to soil. Natural Organic Fertilizer improves soil fertility and read more...

Organic Neem Manure

Sarvottam Neem Blended Manure (S.N.B.M.) is organic manure based on Neem. Organic Neem Manure is available in fine powder as well as cake form. Neem Blended Manure is containing the mist important and active ingredient Azadiractin that has unique multifaceted action. It has got a systematic action. The active read more...