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Organic Fertilizer

SUFALA Organic Fertilizer (S.O.F.) is a mixture of several essential ingredients like the cake of non-edible oils, Neem, Compost etc organic manure. S.O.F. being an organic fertilizer, if applied at the time of sowing, provides balanced nutrition to soil. Natural Organic Fertilizer improves soil fertility and productivity and also controls termites in the soil. Even we can also bring an array of superior quality Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer that is tune of meeting the basic demands of assorted industries. We are one of the major Organic Fertilizer Manufacturers in Maharashtra.

Availability and Packing : The bulk orders are also accepted. It is packed in 50kg HDPE bag.


  • Better yields of crop.
  • Better quality and natural taste.
  • Controls termites and protects other harmful paste and diseases
  • Use of organic products leaves no residual toxicity in crops and it is safe for human beings and environment.
  • Increase soil fertility and productivity.
  • Farmers get better prizes for organic crop products by using our eco friendly products. In export as well as in local market.
  • It contain Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as essential element where as it also contain micro nutrient like Calcium. Boron, Mangnese, Magnesium, Iron etc.

Analysis Report

Component SufalaTM Organic Fertilizer
N(%) 1.5-3
P(%) 1.5-3
K(%) 1-2.5
pH 8-Jul
Moisture < 20 %
Mg(%) 1-1.2
Ca(%) 1-1.2
Fe(ppm) 850
Zn(ppm) 500