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Enhancing Yield Within Budget

Welcome to the assuasive world of Giridhar Agro Private Limited, a company believes that business is successful only when it is done for the benefits of humanity. Giridhar Agro Private Limited is allied in the business activities, where the company delivers the incomparable quality Agro Fertilizer that includes SUFALA™ Organic Fertilizer and SARVOTTAM Neem Blended Manure. Currently, we are delivering our products in Indian market like India (Maharashtra, Gujrat and Goa etc.), and in various other international markets. In addition, we have shown our excellence among the avant-garde Organic Fertilizer Manufacturers and Organic Neem Manure Exporters from Maharashtra. The group is deeply committed to protecting crops and food grains for the benefit of humanity. We ensure that our products are safe and environment-friendly. Our major products are SUFALA™ Organic Fertilizer (S.O.F.) and SARVOTTAM Neem Blended Manure (S.N.B.M.). We are also trading in caster cake and de oiled cake, mahunwa cake and de oiled cake, ground nut cake and de oiled cake, karanja cake and de oiled cake etc all types of non edible cakes and de oiled cakes. We are having 500 dealers network through out India. We are having agreement with laboratories for certification analysis. We are also sending our sample to semi government and government laboratories. They are well equipped and authenticated.

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